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Ends for internal and external window sills

The “Maja” company specializes in the production and sale of endings for external and internal window sills.



If you are looking for solid and aesthetically made sill tips, please contact us.

The fasteners and end caps of the internal and external window sills offered by our company are made of durable and long-lasting materials. Thanks to high-quality dyes, they are resistant to changing weather conditions. Unlike most plastics, they do not fade or discolor. Specializing in such a narrow field, we are sure that the products we offer will meet your expectations.

Attractive prices!!

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Attractive prices!  The offer includes:

  • Ends for internal window sills – chambered
  • end to external window sills
  • end to soft window sills
  • ending for pressed window sills
  • connectors for window sills
  • general to the renovation overlay

External window sills - Offer

Are you interested in our offer? If you want to be our regular recipient, write to us, call or come to us personally!

We invite individual clients, developers and companies involved in the production of window sills to cooperate with our company.

We encourage you to use the contact form placed on our page in the contact tab.

We will complete every order!

window sills

High quality products

Our offer includes high quality end caps for window sills, in a wide range of colors (whole RAL palette) and an affordable price.

We sell wholesale and retail. In the case of wholesale, the goods are packed in convenient packages.

Individual customers, on the other hand, can freely adjust the right size and purchase products for pieces.

We guarantee all our clients attractive prices for the products we offer.

We provide a guarantee for the purchased product.

Modern solutions

During many years of our activity, we have managed to gain many solid, satisfied customers who recommend us to others! This is the best recommendation of the services we offer.

We enjoy recognition among window sills manufacturers. Our partners appreciate the high quality of products and timely implementations.

As a company, we are constantly developing using modern and innovative solutions.